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  • Improve the quality of life of the 600+ students at Carver, and members of the surrounding community such as students from VCU and VUU.
  • Increase Richmond's tree canopy, providing wildlife habitat and edible fruits for human and wildlife. The trees we grow will helper buffer noise and filter air pollution from automobiles passing on I-64 and I-95 along the northern side of the G. W. Carver Elementary school yard.
  • Provide educational opportunities in SOL objectives along with in depth learning applications in permaculture, ecology, and landscape design.


The G. W. Carver Elementary school yard, one of the largest green spaces less than 4 blocks from VCU campus. Carver School is filled with inspiring teachers and bright children. The students have great potential, but most come from low income families. Growing up in the urban environment, we hope to give the opportunity for these children to have a stronger connection with the natural world.



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Carverponics edible orchard.JPG


We will be planting native flowering and fruiting trees and shrubs along the fringe of the school yard to create a natural corridor for students and wildlife to enjoy. Strips of grass near the school will become more intensively grown gardens and help infiltrate stormwater runoff from the 1951 building's roof.
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